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October 4th Native Plants Propagation Workshop

10-4 Prop Workshop 1.JPG
10-4 Prop Workshop 2.JPG

Autumn naturally brings thoughts of nature’s bounty, and despite the (very) dry end to the summer, Philipstown Garden Club’s Horticulture and Plant Sale committees managed an unusually rich harvest of native plants from the gravel paths of member Annie Patton’s garden.  At an October 4th Native Plants Propagation Workshop, a dozen members turned up to clear the paths of “volunteer” plants, harvesting 172 (mostly) native plants for next year’s plant sale. Among the 12 species collected were many desirable examples which should be looking in top shape when Spring arrives, attract a good deal of interest at the sale, find new homes and thrive, spreading the bounty to a new generation of gardeners. Seed harvesting at the garden continued the following day to source seeds to give away at the sale, and for next year’s Shirley Meneice Conference. 


At Horticulture Workshops over the next 6 or so months the committee will be working on effective, informative, and educational signage with cultivation instructions to maximize the appeal of the native plants on offer at the sale.


Native plants, specifically “Great Native Plants for Pollinators”, was also the subject of a September Walk and Talk arranged by the Horticulture Committee with authority Kim Eierman at Rosedale Nursery. 


These initiatives to propagate, disseminate and educate fit with the GCA Conservation and Horticulture Committees’ Focus on Plants, and Propagation and Seed Share.

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