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Miriam's Rose Day

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MW Rose Day1.JPG
MW Rose Day2.JPG

The stars were out in their finery, some of whom - such as Belle de Crecy, Duchesse de Montebello, Mme. Plantier, Mme. Hardy and Maiden’s Blush - have been delighting senses since the days of the Empress Josephine. The special something in the air was attar of roses, wafting in the June breeze.  The weather obliged, and, for a fine Spring afternoon, members of the Philipstown Garden Club, neighbors and friends had trouble remembering whether other flowers existed, when Miriam Wagner held her Annual Rose Day on Sunday June 9.  Guests to this Smithsonian-listed garden sipped Rose wine and ate rose petal cake as they lost themselves in the maze of paths through Miriam’s hillside botanical sanctuary. On one of the back borders, the scents of Mock Orange in full bloom and fragrant Azalea did their best to hold the competition at bay, but to no avail; the day belonged to Rose, and Miriam. 

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