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The Traveling Gardener

Given that numerous of our members are traveling during the Autumn of 2019, the Website Committee is initiating a feature for the Members Area of the website called "The Traveling Gardener”.  Similar to "What’s Blooming Now" on the Horticulture page, this page will publish photos of flowers and trees blooming, except that the parameters are entrants accepted from outside Zone III, anywhere in the world.  As with “What’s Blooming Now”, this section will be edited by the Horticulture Chairs.  Annie Patton is traveling, so please send photos you’d like to be considered to Matthew Weigman. And please note date and location taken as well as the flower or species name. (4-18 Tulips, Amsterdam).

We look forward to seeing your pictures. 

Many thanks,

Matthew Weigman, Linda Lange, Pam Euler Halling

1-4 Bougainvillea, Sanibel Island, Linda
1-3 Mammey Croton, Sanibel Island, Linda
1-3-20 Mimosa, Sanibel Island, Linda L
TG 10-15 Bougainvillea on Santorini
Thirassia in the distance, Matthew
TG 10-16 Rosemary overlooking the Aegean
Oia, Santorini in the distance, Matthew
TG 10-13 Plumbago, Athens
Cape Plumbago, Plumbago auriculata, Athens, Greece, Matthew
TG 10-13 Violet Trumpet Vine, Athens
Clytostoma callistegioides, Athens, Greece, Matthew
TG 10-13 Bougainvillea, Athens
In the Placa, Athens, Matthew
TG 10-7 Yucca, Split, Croatia, Annie
TG - 9-29, Polarstem Rose, Bishop's Cast
Bishop's Castle, Bamberg, Germany, JoAnn & Kirby
TG 9-21 Sycamore, Melk Abbey, Germany
JoAnn and Kirby
TG 9-21 Lantana, Melk Abbey, Germany
JoAnn and Kirby
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