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In 2019, Boscobel House and Gardens gave the Philipstown Garden Club (PGC) a wealth of archival information about the plantings on the Dyckman Estate, including lists of the trees and plants.  Using that information, the PGC has undertaken an in-depth redesign of the plantings in the Boscobel Herb Garden.  Matthew Weigman and Felicia Saunders researched the plants appropriate to the period, and their uses, and created a plan for the garden. In addition, they prepared a plant list (see below) including the common and botanical names of the plants as well as a brief notation of their uses in a household of the early 1800s.  Another member, Kathy Fearn Richter created plant labels to identify the plants referred to in the list.

After 47 years, an enthusiastic PGC crew turns up each Tuesday morning during the gardening season to continue this important and enduring project of maintaining the Boscobel Herb Garden.


For the history of PGC's association with the Boscobel Herb Garden, click here.​

For an article on the completion of the Boscobel Herb Garden Revision, click here

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