The New York State Adopt-A-Highway program has been a central focus of the Philipstown Garden Club Conservation Committee since the program’s inception in 1995.  With safety as the premier concern, the Committee Co-chairs provide members with appropriate tools, DOT clothing, and a well-marked roadway for the work of litter pick-up along a 2.5 mile stretch of Route 9-D.  Thirty-five to forty members respond to this effort each Springtime, eager to restore this beautiful stretch of highway to its original Highlands verdancy.

Annual Plant and Bake Sale
Philipstown Garden Club’s (PGC) primary fundraising effort is its Annual Plant and Bake Sale.  A feature for over 60 years, the Plant Sale has evolved into one of the many ways PGC reaches out to the community to advance the love of gardening, and to contribute to the protection of the environment through education in conservation and furthering civic engagement.


Taking place on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, the sale is an opportunity for members of the community to acquire plants to start their own backyard vegetable and herb gardens. Available for purchase are highly sought-after member plants, gifts for Mother’s Day, including hanging baskets, and an array of homemade baked goods. Booths are set up with information on native plants and conservation. A portion of the proceeds benefits the community as it goes toward funding internships for local high school students at three premier local institutions, Stonecrop, Manitoga, and Constitution Marsh and Audubon Sanctuary, thus inspiring the future generation with appreciation of the natural world.

Boscobel Herb Garden
The Herb Garden at Boscobel House and Gardens is the community project of the Philipstown Garden Club that has been active longer than any other project in the Club’s history. 


Boscobel was moved to its current site and reconstruction began in 1957, continuing until 1960.  In 1965 the Herb Garden was conceived, and construction began on the Orangery.  The following year, 1966, the hardscape of the garden was undertaken by Rosedale Nursery.  They put in the fences, quince and pear trees, and raised beds, digging the beds to a depth of 4’ and filling with compost and topsoil.


In 1972, the Philipstown Garden Club was asked to undertake its design and maintenance.  Two PGC members, Mary Dodge and Tinky Frazier, designed the beds.  Plants were acquired and put in place, and PGC members began to visit the garden weekly between April and November to maintain the garden.  And so there started a tradition of PGC community service to a historic restoration that has continued weekly during the gardening season for 47 years.

For an update on the Boscobel Herb Garden, go to PGC News.

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Garrison School

The Garrison School is one of just a few K-8 schools in New York.  Children from ages 5 through 13 attend and perhaps one or both of their parents have attended as well.  This makes our school a very important part of our community.  


The mission of the Philipstown Garden Club (PGC) Garrison School Garden Committee is to keep the school grounds looking their best. Each week members of the Committee dedicate their efforts to do whatever needs to be done to achieve that goal.  We remove dead perennial plants and plant new ones; we add annual flowers each spring to enhance certain areas. We have rejuvenated the old courtyard: it is now under the care of the children led by a teacher's aide - also a member of the Philipstown Garden Club.


Children attend school to learn its curriculum; they need to see the importance of taking pride in their school as well.  The PGC-Garrison School Garden Committee hopes to cultivate that very goal.  

Provisional Projects

The PGC Provisional Projects Committee was started in 2009.  Its mission is to bond the new group of future PGC members and create a community project that would benefit both the club and the community by education, beautification, and/or improvement of a specific area within Philipstown. The idea for a project is generated by the provisionals and they must complete the project within a year.


Some of our provisional projects are displayed in the pictures below.


Planting two elm trees at Garrison and Haldane schools and educating kindergarteners about the importance
of trees

Beautifying the junction between Fair Street and Route 9-D

Planting cement containers at west end of Main Street in Cold Spring