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PGC Helps Garrison Third-Graders Plant Bulbs
November 15, 2022

Talk about a trifecta of community outreach! Four PGC members were heartily thanked by the Garrison School Principal, the PTA President, and the Environmental Educator for leading the third-grade class in a November 15 hands-on Fall Bulb Planting "science lesson." But the real satisfaction for Lefty Zagoreos, Susan Choi, Grace Kennedy, and Susan Cook was helping 18 students enjoy an hour in the fresh air, playing in the dirt, putting 165 tulip bulbs (paid for by the PTA) to bed for their Winter slumber. And who knows? When Spring arrives, in addition to all those flowers there may be one or two newly-minted lifelong gardeners enjoying the show!

GUFS Bulb Planting 10 15 2022.jpg
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