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“Forcing Paperwhites for Winter Blooming Gifts”


In mid-January 2021 the Philipstown Garden Club launched an initiative to provide “Winter Blooming Gifts” for homebound Seniors in their community. Under the guidance of the Horticulture Committee over 100 “Ziva” paper white bulbs were potted up, three to a pot, secured with white marble chips.  After the regulation number of weeks in the dark cool of a Horticulture Chair’s cellar and then up into the warmth and light, the bulbs performed their customary magic of announcing Spring and were ready for distribution the week of February 14th.  It is hoped that dozens of Seniors receiving meals through the Philipstown Friendship Center of the Putnam County Office for Senior Resources will enjoy Ziva’s sparkling white blooms and bewitching fragrance over the coming days and weeks of a particularly cold and snowy winter season.

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