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1st Burst Community Day — Saturday, June 1, 2019


Distributing Solitary Bee House Kits at 1st Burst Community Day

Somewhere between the Bouncy Tent and the Rock-Climbing Wall at Desmond Fish Library’s June 1 community family day, Philipstown Garden Club’s Horticulture and Conservation Committees staged a presentation about Native Solitary Bees. At the event, called “1st Burst Community Day”, which drew an enthusiastic crowd of area children of all ages, PGC members Matthew Weigman and Lynnette Rajala did a ‘Show and Tell’ about how to build native solitary bee houses, handed out quite a few bee house kits, answered questions and generally increased the awareness level about these important contributors to our environment. The PGC team on hand even received a small donation from a former participant in the Club’s Stonecrop and Constitution Marsh Internship Programs who is now launched on a career in the Forestry Service, testament to the club’s impact on the local community.

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