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Virtual Garden Visits

The Visiting Gardens and Horticulture Committees are collaborating to bring PGC members Bespoke Virtual Visits to great local gardens. We do hope you enjoy the videos and they inspire you to schedule a visit.

Our first stop is Stonecrop’s English Garden, which is beginning its long run of looking its best in mid-summer.  With text paraphrased from Stonecrop Director Caroline Burgess's essays on the garden Matthew Weigman and Stephen Hutcheson take you on a virtual tour through the “Inner Sanctum”, as the Flower Garden is known.   For information on Stonecrop, go to the Tips and Links page.

Penny Brickman and Matthew Weigman



Our visit was made on August 4, 2021; the numbers on signs by some of the plants correspond to a plant list which visitors are given listing the rare and unusual specimens on view.



Boscobel Herb Garden

Our visit to Boscobel's Herb Garden was made on October 26, 2020 at the very end of the season and while the team was putting the garden to bed. The video is in three parts so we could show an aerial view which displays the symmetrical lines of the garden and its geometrically-laid out raised beds. For information on Boscobel House, go to the Tips & Links page

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3